Our technology is not limited by low or no-connectivity.

Built on a proprietary NB4 platform; the BDA application is powered by the first network agnostic solution of its kind. It has the capacity to maintain an unbroken connection with any smartphone or IoT device regardless of network type (2G-SMS, 3/4/5G & WiFi) or network quality (saturated or weak).  


An unbroken connection

The BDA application is built on an NB4 platform which optimizes device traffic and enables navigation across available networks. Apps and connected devices automatically select the best network available, ensuring constant connectivity, network optimization and load management.


The Be-Bound NB4 compression algorithm reduces data traffic generated by use of the BDA application, making it as light as possible. This means that even when our application is working with 3G/4G networks, users consume up to 5x less data than when using standard applications.