The BDA Survey Application is on its way!

At the beginning of this year, we began talking with our technology partners about our idea to develop a mobile survey solution. Now there are quite a few of these on the market already, but we wanted to create something that would be built specifically with the African population in mind. We wanted 2 things; a mobile survey application that could work on any network from 2G-SMS to 5G and WiFi, and a mobile survey application that would stay connected regardless of whether it is being used in the center of Nairobi to respond to a retail consumer poll, or in the farthest regions of Northeast Nigeria to report the latest Boko Haram attack.

Today, we are pleased to announce that BDA has secured an investment to build our application. Scheduled for completion by the end of summer 2016, the BDA team is very excited about the opportunities that our new mobile survey tool represents in terms of its ability to provide instant access to reliable micro-level data from anywhere, and across a variety of sectors. The development of the BDA survey app will be the first in a series of BDA Solutions that will allow for unprecedented interactive communication and engagement with the African population.

With it, we aim to better address the near-total lack of data on African populations, by leveraging on the rapid expansion of mobile device usage in Africa. Through the development of mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms BDA will be able to provide governments, NGOs, and businesses with rich, real-time data from the African population. Incentivizing survey participation with cash and prize rewards, the BDA App will also be optimized to operate at low-bandwidths and in limited data markets; allowing BDA to reach rural, often forgotten populations.

BDA’s has one goal; to become the #1 partner-of-choice for data collection, analytics, and reporting in Africa, and our mobile survey applications brings us a step closer to accomplishing our core objective.